Dextall’s unitized prefab wall performance mockup


Impressive results by Dextall’s unitized prefab wall performance mockup spanning 2 stories high   [embed][/embed] Dynamic and Static water: 15psf Air: PASS, did not exceed 0.06 cfm Performance mockup included: Fully gasketed perimeter Mineral wool insulation Variation of factory installed steel reinforced polymer and aluminum windows Aluminum cladding rainscreen

J O B S I T E V I S I T S N E W D A T E S A N N O U N C E D : R E G I S T E R T O D A Y

Come join us for a site tour of one of Dextall’s first NYC installations located in Queens.  The tour offers attendees the opportunity to see construction technology & innovation come together through our unitized prefab wall systems. Set yourself ahead of the rest as you witness the future of exterior wall construction in mid-to-high-rise commercial buildings. Our business model is simple and based on three core principles; to manufacturer unitized…