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What is Passive House?

Passive House is an international building standard developed in the 1990s by the Passive House Institute of Darmstadt Germany. Building to the Passive House standard reduces our buildings’ operational energy demand to an optimized extent through passive measures and components such as insulation, airtightness, heat recovery, solar heat gains, solar shading and incidental internal heat gains.View

Why Passive House?

Passive House reliably delivers up to approximately a 90% reduction in heating and cooling demand and up to a 75% reduction in overall primary energy demand when compared to our existing building stock – meant to aggressively meet the climate crisis carbon reduction imperative while making a more comfortable, healthy and affordable built environment.View

Imagine Passive House

A Passive House can be a school, an apartment building, a factory, an office, any building type. It can be modern, historical, vernacular, high or low – any design style. The only limit to what Passive House can be is what you can imagine.View

Build Passive House:

Your Passive House building begins a the start of your design process. To ensure complete integration and the best optimization, your architect and engineer should be a Cer-tified Passive House Consultant/Designer, and your builder should be a Certified Passive House Tradesperson. Training course happen regularly in the New York region. Find a professional.View

Attend Passive House Events:

The Passive House community is diverse, dynamic, generous, interesting and fun. From local informal Meetups to the International Passive House Conference – be sure to participate, network and learn. View

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