Professional Training

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Specialized Training

Professionals specializing in Passive House construction can develop a deep knowledge base and optimization skills with in-depth specialized work.  Subjects include:  DesignPH introduction, advanced DesignPH and PHPP; PHPP training, multifamily buildings, Therm, WUFI and more. For more information please check the upcoming training calendar.

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Application – “Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant

Certification as a Passive House Designer or a Passive House Consultant has been developed by the Passive House Institute (referred to below as PHI) so that special qualifications in the field of particularly energy efficient construction can be substantiated.

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Renewal through project documentation

Renewal through project documentation will take place in the same way as for initial qualification through project documentation, with the exception that providing proof of educational qualifications will not be necessary.

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Renewal through continuing education credit points

For renewal through continuing education credit points (hereafter referred to as CPs), it is necessary to provide proof of 100 CPs which must have been acquired within the validity period of the previous certificate. Additional CPs may not be carried forward to the next certificate validity period.

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Pass­ive House De­sign­er/Con­sult­ant course (CPHD/C)

Be­come a com­pet­ent Pass­ive House plan­ner by learn­ing everything from how to define the thermal en­vel­ope to how to over­come fre­quent plan­ning and con­struc­tion chal­lenges. This course will take you in­to the de­tails of Pass­ive House build­ings to en­sur­e that the de­sired en­ergy sav­ings are ac­tu­ally achieved and that the build­ing will per­form as planned!

Course audience and requirements:
These modules are aimed at all building professionals, including architects, engineers, contractors and builders. You need to have some basic knowledge of building physics and be able to use Microsoft Excel.

Course content:
There are several course options, including blended learning, but they all cover the topics below over a period of 5 to 10 days. For more detailed information, please have a look at these learning targets. Some course providers also offer an additional revision session to best prepare for the Certified Passive House Designer / Consultant exam.

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Passive House Tradesperson Course (CPHTC)

Learn how to build a Passive House building! Gain a good understanding of the interactions and interdependency of building components in a Passive House project. This course also enables you to assess the energy efficiency of any planning modifications and to solve problems with the designers involved in construction due to a similar knowledge base.

Course audience and requirements:
These modules are primarily aimed at trades people, but other building professionals may join as well, to get familiar with the realities of the building site. You need to have some basic trades people training.

Course content:
Over 3 to 5 days, the basis for a high quality building site are ensured by conveying trades people an overall impression of the interdisciplinary Passive House concept. Course participants may choose between the Building Envelope or Building Services Specialization, or take both.