Product Showcase | LAMILUX Skylights & The Benefits of High Performance

Presented by: 475 High Performance Building Supply

Roof daylighting elements and architectural roof glass are striking and desirable building features that historically come at a high cost – leaks, energy loss, thermal discomfort, and condensation issues. Next generation roof glazing is addressing these issues and developing roof glass elements designed to be thermal-bridge-free, and suitable for high performance and Passive House envelope needs. Fenestration of all kinds requires special attention, but failures in roof glazing can unravel the thoughtful planning put into the rest of the building. Potential for thermal bridging, overheating, cold air convective currents and air or water leaks can dampen or destroy the gains of free daylight and visual comfort.

Learning objectives:

  • Describe common problems with roof daylighting elements, from design to installation and negative health and comfort consequences.
  • Outline attributes necessary for roof daylighting in high performance enclosures, providing improved comfort and occupant health.
  • Describe the methods for analyzing daylighting elements for thermal performance, and energy balance.
  • Outline key quality control steps to ensure that the analysis, design and installation will provide optimized results to provide improved comfort and occupant health.

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Presented by:

Jeremy Latriano, CPHT 
Daylighting Product Consultant
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