What Are the Advantages of Stone Wool?

Noncombustible stone wool insulation used in exterior walls, interior partitions, facades and roofing plays a crucial role in improving the fire performance of buildings. Stone wool insulation protects the building structure by reducing heat transfer and the spread of fire. Meanwhile, it does not produce harmful smoke and toxic gases or add to the smoke produced during a fire. Read More >

Faster Facade Installation with Dextall, Work Has Began NY – Queens Project Dwall

facade installation

We cant wait to see the building ready! And since its built with our DWall 2000, the building process will be fast. Here are the details: 80% Faster Installation No onsite scaffolding Better injury protection Fire-proof wall panel systems Plug-and-play panels 80%-plus faster to install Snap-fit precision eliminates wet-seal Repeatability and low variability First-time installation accuracy 10-15% less expensive than site-built exterior wall 5X-to-10X through-put capability increase Drastically reduced onsite…

Vancouver To Be Home To World’s Tallest Passive House Building

vancouver passive house

Canadian developer Brivia Group has selected downtown Vancouver as the location of its newest and most sustainable project yet. CURV, a 60-storey residential development between Burrard and Thurlow Streets, will be the world’s tallest passive house building – a modern, low carbon and energy efficient building that contributes to a healthier planet, mirroring the environmental ethos of the city of Vancouver. Passive House is the highest standard for energy efficiency in commercial…

The Double-Stud Wall Simplified: Low Cost, High Performance

The double-stud wall is a well-established method for creating a very economical, durable, and high R-value assembly in new construction - and is one reason it’s included as one of the basic 475 Smart Enclosure System assembly types. We know pushing standard code-minimum construction toward high performance is complicated. So we're always looking for ways to simplify - to simultaneously reduce cost while optimizing efficiency and occupant comfort. Read More

Lottery opens for 324 units at world’s largest affordable Passive House, from $388/month

Posted On Wed, December 29, 2021 By Aaron Ginsburg VIEW PHOTO IN GALLERY Rendering courtesy of the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development A housing lottery opened this week for more than 300 apartments at the world’s largest fully affordable Passive House. Sendero Verde is a mixed-use project currently under construction in East Harlem that includes affordable housing, community space, retail, outdoor gardens, and a school. As part of…

Calling All Property Developers: The Developer’s Guide to Passive House Certification is here.

NY Passive House is proud to present A Developer's Guide to Certified Multifamily Passive House Buildings - an introductory handbook on Passive House and the resources that will help developers make a successful project. Passive House provides many direct benefits: a healthy home, a quiet home, a comfortable home, a well functioning home, an affordable home, a safe home. From low-income affordable housing, to luxury market rate housing, Passive House is the best strategy to optimize…