Vancouver To Be Home To World’s Tallest Passive House Building

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Canadian developer Brivia Group has selected downtown Vancouver as the location of its newest and most sustainable project yet.

CURV, a 60-storey residential development between Burrard and Thurlow Streets, will be the world’s tallest passive house building – a modern, low carbon and energy efficient building that contributes to a healthier planet, mirroring the environmental ethos of the city of Vancouver.

Passive House is the highest standard for energy efficiency in commercial and residential buildings worldwide. In addition to significantly reduced CO2 emissions compared to traditional residential towers, residents in passive house buildings also benefit from improved insulation that significantly reduces energy bills, sound transmission and gives a consistent indoor temperature year-round.

“The realization of CURV reinforces the narrative that Brivia Group is at the forefront of sustainable building design,” said Kheng Ly, President and CEO of Brivia Group.

“Designed to harness its own energy, deliver ultra-filtered air and attenuate noise from outside, CURV will be the most energy efficient structure of its type ever built. We hope it will quickly become a blueprint for future towers around the world as cities push for a more sustainable future. The idea of a super-tall passive house tower is especially fitting in a city with such high environmental aspirations. CURV will be an eco-friendly landmark, contributing to Vancouver’s iconic skyline.”

There are very few straight lines in nature and so it is appropriate that the architecture of CURV takes on the curved form of a new shoot, a symbol of regrowth and environmental hope. The tower represents a shift in direction for building design – delivering on environmental promises while maintaining architectural boldness and stunning aesthetic.

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