Transforming Dublin’s Skyline: Central Plaza Roof Expansion

Are you ready to see the future of urban construction? The iconic Central Bank site in Dublin has been transformed into the remarkable Central Plaza, setting new standards for city center redevelopments.

The design of the new steel roof construction, led by the renowned Henry J Lyons Architects featured a complex geometric structure, including cantilevering triangles and hidden connections among multiple steel RHS. This monolithic steel frame, lacking expansion joints, presented significant challenges regarding thermal expansion.

Fire Safety and Airtightness Redefined
Teaming up with Castle Group Ireland, the plan for roof expansion involved Partel’s innovative IZOPERM PLUS A2 vapor control system. This cutting-edge VCL was essential for:

Ensuring superior levels of fire performance.
Enhancing thermal performance with low emissivity to significantly reduce heat transfer.
Providing moisture management, durability, and airtightness with ECHOSEAL ALU FR adhesive tape.

The Central Plaza project highlights the significance of using advanced vapor control systems and fire-rated solutions to achieve both safety and efficiency in construction. It exemplifies how thoughtful planning and execution can revolutionize urban landscapes, offering inspiration for your future projects.

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