The inside story of New York’s greenest condo

The Upper West Side hums with nostalgia—from the Museum of Natural History to the mason facades of the Central Park West Historic District, the neighborhood is a treasure trove of storied buildings. Now, it welcomes a new piece of history: Manhattan’s greenest condo, dubbed Charlotte of the Upper West Side. Under the leadership of the Roe Corporation, a real estate development company helmed by John Roe, a number of beloved home brands and designers have come together to build a superlatively green luxury building—a project that cost Roe nearly $76 million.

When Roe purchased the Columbus Avenue building in 2015, he had a clear vision. “We wanted to build a product that represents the future,” he tells Business of Home. “That’s why I named the building after my daughter—it’s really named after the generation she belongs to. It represents the type of building that we hope to see in her future.” Roe selected BKSK Architects for their track record of executing aesthetically superior buildings while navigating the hurdles of historic districts.

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