Recap: The Carbon Newbies summit

The Carbon Newbies summit assembled expert speakers from various climate-related fields, who provided short and pointed explanations on the basics of climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, and what we as individuals can do about it.  The audience was excited and engaged, and the presentations initiated many interesting conversations.  Thank you, George, for your captivating and effective presentation on Passive House! Watch the Livestream About Carbon Newbie

Startup claims breakthrough in turning the earth’s heat into clean power

Fervo Energy, a leading geothermal energy startup, says it achieved a technology breakthrough that could eventually accelerate the push to pull up carbon-free energy from deep down in the earth. On Tuesday, Fervo said it had successfully completed a full-scale well test that confirms the commercial viability of its next-generation technology. The Houston-based startup uses horizontal drilling techniques and fiber-optic sensing tools to access geothermal resources that are otherwise too expensive or technically complex to reach…