Reviving Tradition with Innovation: From Historical Farmland to Sustainable Timber Frame Homes in Kent

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How the ECHOFOIL EXO has redefined sustainable living at The Old Orchards in Kent? 🌿

Our collaboration with Harmony Timber Solutions UK introduced the high-performing ECHOFOIL EXO breather membrane, boosting thermal efficiency and airtightness in the Old Orchards project.

Project Highlights:
🛠️ Timber Frame Construction: ECHOFOIL EXO enhanced thermal comfort in timber frame homes while maintaining breathability and protection against the elements.
💡 Innovative Design: Addressing the challenge of integrating bay windows and minimizing structural steelwork without compromising thermal integrity.
🌱 Sustainability: Using certified timber and ECHOFOIL EXO aligns with a commitment to reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental health.

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