PHPP Multi-Zone Manager

David White of Right Environments and Cramer Silkworth of Baukraft Engineering have recently released their “PHPP Multi-Zone Manager” to the public. The tool, an Excel spreadsheet and macro, helps coordinate multiple PHPP models for a multiple-zone building or multiple variations on a building for parametric modeling. By centralizing the variable inputs and referencing just one “template” PHPP, you can quickly develop and control multiple models from one place.


From the documentation:


Let’s say you have one building with a single enclosure, but the building has thirty apartments, each needing its own peak load calculation for equipment sizing. Let’s say you decide to increase the insulation thickness in the walls to meet PH standard. This tool allows you to increase the insulation thickness for all thirty apartments by changing only one value in one file, so you can quickly update your peak loads.


Or, let’s say you are working with a single family house, and in an effort to optimize performance you are modeling several options at once. This tool empowers you to make changes to the unique attributes of each file, all from a single excel sheet.


The tool is available as a free download from