Passive House with Fiberglass and Mineral Wool

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This marketing piece will highlight residential single-family homes built to the passive house standard affordably using fiber glass and mineral wool insulation. The piece will be modeled after an existing NAIMA literature piece, High Performance at the Right Price, which highlights four ways fiberglass batts were used in new home construction to achieve outstanding thermal performance.


Passive House construction is designed to be highly energy efficient, with the potential to use 90 percent less energy than the current building stock. This means less fuel use/reduced energy consumption, more comfortable indoor environments, and lower costs to homeowners. Passive House projects typically come at a cost premium but can also be built more affordably using building science know how and traditional (not specialized) materials, like fiberglass and mineral wool insulation. In this publication we’ll highlight four (4) single family home construction projects built to the passive house standard and detail the specifications and costs for completing the projects.

Data Requirements:

For each of the projects we profile, we need to have the following information:

Builder(s) Architect(s) Project Location

(city, state)

Square Footage Insulation and Air Sealing (products used) ACH 50 Score Completed Costs


Additional Requirements:

Architectural drawings

High resolution Construction photos or videos

Builder/Architect contact information (phone, email)


Deadline for submission: Monday, June 14, 2021


NAIMA Contact: Stacy Fitzgerald-Redd, Director, Marketing & Communication, (240) 320-3045.