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We are excited to announce the official launch of our two new paper-based ECO membrane products:

  1. IZOPERM Plus ECO – a paper-based sustainable vapour control layer membrane &
  2. VARA Plus ECO – a paper-based smart ecological vapour control layer membrane.

They promote the eco-responsible and environmentally conscious methods of construction with a solid focus on facilitating a lower environmental impact in buildings. Providing a solution for internal applications, improving internal air quality and ensuring optimum protection against humidity in the building structure & heat loss through thermal insulation.

These products were developed to enhance the sustainable features of our well known VCL membranes in the VARA and IZOPERM brands. They offer exceptional vapour control capabilities, ensuring optimal indoor climate control and energy efficiency.

We are also currently in the process of supporting the ecological credentials of their two new membrane products with Environmental Product Declaration Document reports, more commonly known as ‘EPD’s’. These reports will provide important data about the environmental impact of specific building materials at each stage of the product life cycle, taking into consideration important aspects of the production, construction, end of life and the potential for reuse, recovery and recycling. Creating a convenient comparator for similar products, EPD’s highlight the most efficient and sustainable features. This data can also provide support towards building level assessments or building evaluation schemes and will be available in due course.

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