NYPH Board statement on dismantling Injustice and Systemic Racism

Juneteenth 2020 at New York Passive House is one day, but the work to ensure equity, inclusion, and social justice is an ongoing endeavor.

Over the last few weeks, we have felt anger, sadness and frustration. And our Black colleagues, professionals and fellow citizens have felt it much more intensely.

New York Passive House will work with our community, stakeholders, and Board of Directors to support those voices who have been silenced and lives affected by injustice and systematic racism. We must find our voices to forge lasting and meaningful change.

We will advocate for what is in the best interest of the public. We will push for more affordable and livable communities and buildings and fight to avoid the climate crises ahead of us.

We will continue the conversation regarding injustice, systematic racism and the climate crisis and engage our profession, industry and New York City and State agencies. We must confront our own biases and find effective measures to address the challenges ahead of us.

New York Passive House Bord of Directors