NY13 Passive House Symposium, Saturday June 8th

Passive House: Toward Net Zero Energy

To slash energy use and carbon emissions while developing our built environment, Passive House is the proven essential first step – increasing comfort and health while reducing heating and cooling demand by up to 90%. The NY13 Passive House Symposium (NY13) will explore the effectiveness of Passive House as a cornerstone of our low-energy, low-emissions future – highlighting important questions regarding policy, finance and performance criteria.

How is public policy enabling Passive House in other cities and nations?  How might such policies address New York’s future?   What are the economic realities surrounding Passive House buildings and the finance of real estate development?  What are project specific examples of how Passive House performance can be met? Are these buildings working?  How are they measured?

Our sustainable, resilient future is a complex path.  Join us June 8th in exploring how Passive House can start us on the right foot.