NY Times launches Passive House above the fold

The NY Times has just made its latest installment on the progress of Passive House in New York.  And unlike so much other news these days today – with Passive House the news is good!   The article, “The Passive Principle” in print, appears above the fold on the cover of the Sunday Times Real Estate Section, and online is titled “The Passive House in New York“.  Written by Alison Gregor, it conveys many important developments. To encapsulate:

Passive House is accelerating: In less than a decade in New York, Passive House has gone from novelty item to a force not to be ignored, with dozens of projects and hundreds of units of housing in the pipeline.

Passive House is a retrofit solution:  The article makes clear that the renovation of our existing building stock is already successfully being completed to Passive House standards.

Passive House is affordable: In Passive House projects, both high-end and affordable, costs are coming down and heading toward parity with typical construction and in a few notable cases hitting parity.

Passive House is defining quality: The quality of life Passive House affords occupants may be as much of a driver as energy efficiency in the New York marketplace.

Passive House is pretty:  With beautiful photos of residential interiors and exteriors the article makes the case that aesthetics and Passive House can play well together.

Passive House is a policy strategy:  Last but not least,  Passive House principles and methodology are integral to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s policy to reduce carbon emissions 80% by 2050.

NY Passive House (NYPH) is particularly proud of this article because it features a range of work by NYPH members, including:  Stephen Lynch of Caliper Studio, 255 Columbia Street by Ben Igoe of JBS Project Management & Sam Bargetz of LoadingDock5, Steve Bluestone of the Bluestone Organization, HANAC senior housing with consulting by Greg Duncan of Duncan Architect, and Michael Ingui of Baxt Ingui Architects.

NY Passive House Conference, June 11th

Passive House Multi-Family Rountable:  The story of Passive House and NY residential real estate will continue at our NY Passive House Conference, June 11th with a developer roundtable discussion with Steve Bluestone and Stewart Osborne, both featured in the article, along with Tim McDonald from Onion Flats and others.

Retrofitting NYC:  Also at the Conference, June 11th, Michael Ingui, along with Cramer Silkworth of Baukraft and Kevin Brennan from the Association for Energy Affordability will go deep into the the many Passive House retrofits they’ve completed in Brownstone Brooklyn.

If this article has you thinking about Passive House more seriously:  get more information, get professional training, and most certainly get to our conference June 11th for the best one-day immersion into what Passive House means to the future of New York.   See the whole program here, and register today here.

International Passive House Conference, April 17-18

And if you’ve registered for June 11th but want to dive in faster – please register for the International Passive House Conference to be held April 17-18th in Leipzig, Germany – where you can meet and learn from what is happening in cities regarding Passive House around the world.