New York City`s Green New Deal Announced

NEW YORK, April 22, 2019 — Mayor de Blasio today announced New York City’s Green New Deal, a bold and audacious plan to attack global warming on all fronts. It is comprised of $14 billion in new and committed investments, legislation and concrete action at the City level that will ensure a nearly 30 percent additional reduction in emissions by 2030. The laws and investments of New York City’s Green New Deal will directly confront income inequality, generating tens of thousands of good-paying jobs retrofitting buildings and expanding renewable energy.

You can read the full report here.

  • 10%: Mandating that all large, existing buildings implement retrofits to be more efficient and lower emissions – a global first.
  • 6%: OneNYC initiatives to further reduce emissions including more renewable energy, expanded energy efficiency in buildings and reduced reliance on fossil fuel vehicles.
  • 5%: Pursuing a deal to power 100% of City operations with clean electricity sources like Canadian hydropower.
  • Requiring buildings cut their emissions – a global first.
  • Banning new inefficient glass-walled buildings.


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