Natural Carbon Solutions Innovation Challenge (5180)

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Due Date:  11/29/2022  (Round 1)


Provides funding for innovative approaches to offer significant impact in reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and advancing New York’s clean energy goals.
NYSERDA is issuing Round 1 of funding for innovative research, development, and/or demonstration approaches in three Challenge Areas:

  1. Buildings: materials, designs, and strategies for “low to carbon negative” envelope retrofits and/or new construction
  2. Enabling products, services, and strategies to reduce waste methane, increase carbon sequestration, optimize use of land, energy, natural resources
  3. Advancements in measurement, monitoring, reporting and verification (MMRV) of GHG emissions and Co-Benefits

Projects can involve enabling technologies, novel business models and other scalable strategies. Successful projects will be able to self-sustain beyond the period funded by NYSERDA, catalyze additional private investment if needed, and may inform changes to policy. Submissions must demonstrate significant improvements over the current state of practice with scalable approaches to address the goals of New York’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, including GHG emissions reductions, benefits to rate payers, disadvantaged communities, resilience, and the environment