Call for NAPHN19 Conference Session and Workshop Proposals

NYPH is partnering with NAPHN to bring you the largest gathering of professionals working with Passive House technology in the United States to date – NAPHN19! The core mission of NAPHN19 is to demonstrate, investigate, and discuss how professionals and policymakers are utilizing and implementing Passive House today in their workplace. From fully certified buildings to rethinking how their work and the built environment is approached in new ways with Passive House methodology to make critical climate impacts. How are professionals and policymakers making Passive House work for them, and in the process, showing the transformation in how they work.

Each submission should be viewed through the lens of finding and implementing appropriate Passive House solutions in your work. Show how that process if transforming the way you think, communicate, and implement low carbon solutions every day. Abstract adhering to the guidelines and suggested topics below will be prioritized in the approval process.


• Strategies to reduce energy in multifamily and commercial buildings
• Efficient design of domestic hot water systems in large buildings
• Passive House retrofits (EnerPHit)
• Basis of decision-making for investors / valuation of Passive House buildings
• Renewable / sustainable energy supply / PER
• Ventilation and indoor air quality
• Implementation of climate adaptation/resiliency
• Commissioning / Facility Management / Monitoring
• Quality assurance: benefits of certification
• Building materials in focus: economics / ecology / embodied energy
• Fire and sound protection in Passive House buildings
• Tools / Digitization / BIM

We look forward to your proposals! Access the submission forms for conference sessions and workshop on the respective links below –