NAPHN15 Conference & Expo – Register Before August for Best Price

There are many reasons to attend NAPHN15 October 1-2 in Vancouver BC.  It has the best Passive House program of any building conference in the Western Hemisphere – ever:  No fluff.  No BS.

Early bird ticket sale ends August 1st so don’t wait and register here.

38 speakers confirmed – Passive House designers, builders, sustainability experts and policy advisors from around the world

téléchargementKeynote speaker – Diana Ürge-Vorsatz, Director for Centre for Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Policy. She has served on the United Nation’s Scientific Expert Group on Climate Change, and led the buildings-related work in the Global Energy Assessment. Diana has been acknowledged to have contributed to the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize of the IPCC.

Spotlight on big buildings. Demonstrating that Passive House isn’t just about ‘houses’ – Luke Falk will be speaking on the 27 storey Cornell Tech dormitory in New York – set to be the world’s tallest Passive House. Sonia Zouari and Lisa Ker will present on a social housing project in Ottawa (Canada’s first). Dieter Herz (Germany) will talk about developments in large Passive House building and strategies for breaking market barriers. Mario Bodem will share his experience of a Passive House school in Bavaria that came 1M under budget.

Panel discussions include:

– Essential components – looking at HRVs, heat pumps, high performance windows
– Media Panel hosted by Lloyd Alter, – Marketing Passive House to the Masses
– Passive House Ventilation – discussing new systems, options and strategies

Project case studies – Presentations on all buildings types in all climates, including high-rise, affordable housing, MURBs, schools and retrofits – in New Mexico, California, Vancouver, Bavaria, Latvia, China and the UK (to name but a few!)

Business case for Passive House – Results from a collaborative research study on the Business Case for Passive House will be presented by Andrew Pape-Salmon of RDH

Policy track – There will be presentations aimed specifically at government officials and policy makers, including Gregoire Clerfayt (Brussels) and the City of Fort St. John (Canada). There’ll be break out sessions designed to enable discussion and bring about practical solutions to overcome barriers to building Passive House.

Plus! Presentations on EnerPHit, advanced Passive House techniques, future plans from PHI, certifiers roundtable, and more here

Pre-conference workshops on Sept. 30th. More info here.

– Passive House Window Design & Certification: Understanding Performance for Advanced   Practitioners and Window Manufacturers
– DesignPH – Intro and Updates
– PHPP v9 – Updates, New Certification Classes and Primary Energy Renewable (PER) Calculations
– Passive House Fundamentals: An Intro for Developers, Policy Makers and Building Officials
– Multi-family and Large Passive House Design

We hope to see you in October!