Mid-year International Passive House Open Days

Make your building the star!

Shoot a video of your Passive House project and share it with the world!

Given the current circumstances require further social-distancing measures, we have adjusted the guidelines for the mid-year International Passive House Open Days.

We believe that the event is an important opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of energy efficient buildings. Thus, in order to make sure no one misses out we are taking the Open Days online! However, in order to provide a digital alternative for the Passive House Open Days, we need your help!

To enable ‘visitors’ to experience the benefits of Passive House buildings, we are collecting video tours of Passive House buildings. Owners can show off their projects in these short clips.


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  • Video files: please send in .mp4 files only
  • Please insert a title screen with the Headline “Mid-year International Passive House Open Days”
  • Length: We recommend videos be around 5 minutes long
  • Submission: Please upload your final videos until June 19, 2020
  • Release: Please be aware that we will publish your videos publically (on Youtube) to maximise exposure to the Passive House standard.



While you are, of course, free to show off whatever parts of your building you consider most interesting, we have a checklist of features that make Passive Houses especially fascinating:

  • Ventilation system: How does the air get into the building? How does the system work? How are your rooms ventilated?
  • Windows: What makes your Passive House windows special? How often do you open them (e.g. night ventilation)?
  • Shading: How does shading work for your building? Did you make any specific adjustments to optimise shading?
  • Temperature: How is the room temperature inside? Do you have a thermometer to show us?
  • Thermal envelope: How did you insulate your building? Did you use any interesting materials or building techniques to achieve a low energy demand and high thermal comfort?
  • Thermal bridges: What was your strategy for minimizing thermal bridges?
  • Personal experience: What has your experience of living in a Passive House been? What is your  in your Passive House, what do you love most about it? Can you provide us with some anecdotes?


Show us what you love about your Passive House!

We will compile submissions and advertise them on our website and social media channels. While videos are not a substitute for the real thing, they are the next best thing and we can’t wait to see all the videos you send in!