Manhattan Community Board 5 Passive House Resolution

man com board 5

WHEREAS, New York City is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 80% by 2050…and whearas, in New York City, our buildings are responsible for the overwhelming share of our GHG emissions, accounting for nearly three-quarters of our contribution to climate change (Source: One City Build to Last, New York City Mayor’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability); and whereas, Passive House standards can be applied to both new construction and renovations; and…results in a roughly 90% reduction in average heating and cooling energy usage and up to a 75% reduction in primary energy usage…

RESOLVED, Community Board Five supports the investigation of the implementation of the Passive House Classic, Passive House Plus (net zero) and Premium (net positive) Standards for application to new construction and renovation in our community; and…supports working towards the adoption of a zero net energy standard, such as Passive House, into the New York City building code by adjusting existing regulations…”

– Manhattan Community Board Five

For more information, view the Manhattan Community Board Five February 2016 Resolutions.
Download the resolution details by clicking here and here.