“High cholesterol building”, Urban Green Council July Report

At NYPH we like this July report from Urban Green Council, named “High cholesterol building”. A really great study that outline the current problems with today’s building envelopes, issues with how they are regulated, and the solutions we can pursue now.


“What’s a high cholesterol building? One that’s on a fad diet today but will have severe environmental problems in the future.

It turns out there’s a loophole in our energy code that allows designers to trade off energy-draining envelopes for better mechanical equipment. Decades from now, that equipment will be replaced several times over, while the envelope remains, inefficient as ever.

In fact, our report shows that you would have to go back over 1,000 years to find buildings that used as little insulation as today’s all-glass structures.

But with better glass, designed views, improved construction training, and greener codes, we can have buildings that are as healthy as they are beautiful.”


Read this passionate report here to find out more.