Green Building Advisor Presents: 10 Misconceptions about the Passive House Standard

Passive House in British Columbia, Canada (Image Source: Green Building Advisor)

You probably already know that the international Passive House standard is the only building standard which delivers up to 90% reductions in building heating/cooling energy demands, paving the way to net-zero.  But if you are still having trouble explaining this German concept to your friends and colleagues, worry no more, as the Green Building Advisor has debunked the top ten Passivhaus myths of our time.

Breaking it down in an easy-to-understand manner, the Green Building Advisor explains that Passive House not only delivers immense energy reductions, it also provides property owners with great financial savings over time, all while providing incredibly fresh indoor air, the most cutting edge (yet uncomplicated) building technologies, and innovative modern or classic designs.  Read the full story here.