Form for Signing on to Industry professionals letter to Governor Hochul

Climate change is a profound threat to New York. As architects, engineers, building management staff, designers, and energy efficiency and construction industry professionals we are committed to practical solutions to this manifest threat. It is in that spirit that we applaud your proposal to end gas usage in new construction. However, deferring the start date of new all-electric requirements to as late as 2027 is too extended. We urge you and the Legislature to enact S6843A/A8431 (Kavanagh/Gallagher), which would end gas usage in new construction beginning at the end of 2023.

By signing this form, you are adding your name and affiliation to the letter pasted below. This letter will be delivered to Governor Hochul and state Legislators once there is a critical mass of signers. Signers will be listed by name and their affiliations will be listed for identification purposes only, as indicated in the letter. Only individuals who are industry professionals e.g. architects, engineers, energy efficiency services providers, contractors, building managers etc. should sign onto this letter.

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