Faster Facade Installation with Dextall, Work Has Began NY – Queens Project Dwall

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We cant wait to see the building ready! And since its built with our DWall 2000, the building process will be fast. Here are the details:

80% Faster Installation

  • No onsite scaffolding
  • Better injury protection
  • Fire-proof wall panel systems
  • Plug-and-play panels 80%-plus faster to install
  • Snap-fit precision eliminates wet-seal
  • Repeatability and low variability
  • First-time installation accuracy
  • 10-15% less expensive than site-built exterior wall
  • 5X-to-10X through-put capability increase
  • Drastically reduced onsite skilled labor
  • Capable of installation in tight places
  • Dramatically reduced waste haulage

Project details Work In Progress: 116th str. – Queens NY
*Size, SF – 12656
*Product – DWall 2000
*Cladding material – Aluminum (exposed fastening)
*Project type – New construction, residential