Dextall wins approved-supplier designation in $30-Million NYSERDA Retrofit Initiative

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Dextall named as first qualified and approved prefab wall panel provided in sweeping plan to over-clad existing affordable housing projects for the State of New York

Dextall, a circular-economy construction technology company, has been named a designated manufacturing partner to serve affordable housing property owners as part of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority’s $30 million RetrofitNY Program.

Committed to empowering property owners, developers, and their partners to transform America’s built space for a vibrant future, Dextall’s pioneering construction technology capabilities earned it distinction as an envelope component provider in a multi-year NYSERDA initiative to give the state’s affordable housing portfolio whole-building energy upgrades.

The program is designed to help building owners planning substantial renovations in their roofs, windows, and/or heating system replacements within the next two years, specifically targeting net-zero energy solution providers for its New York City-based pilots and future opportunities as the program develops.

According to NYSERDA, “retrofits incentivized under this program upgrade the building exterior through the use of off-site manufactured, panelized facade systems and other building efficiency upgrades to lower building energy use. RetrofitNY allows building owners to seek renovations that achieve high performance and low carbon solutions with the goal of reaching fully carbon-neutral renovation solutions in the future.”

This is precisely Dextall’s operational model.

Dextall’s proprietary vertically-integrated software and unitized prefabricated exterior wall panel system won the NYSERDA designation in August 2021, as RetrofitNY’s first prefab wall panel systems provider, selected to over-clad existing facades on affordable housing mid- and high-rise projects.

To our knowledge, Dextall is the only prefab panel provider that achieved NYSERDA’s desired performance criteria, and does so at half the cost compared with competitive systems and approaches. To earn its NYSERDA designation, Dextall needed to meet seven criteria as an enveloped component provider:

  • Minimized occupant relocation during renovations due to use of building components manufactured off-site to shorten on-site construction times;
  • Lower utility costs and other building operating expenses;
  • Improved building resiliency during power outages;
  • Enhanced indoor air quality through electrification and improved ventilation;
  • Decreased outside noise penetration;
  • Enhanced aesthetic appearance of buildings; and
  • Compliance with building related local laws.

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