Dextall Changes-The Mid- And High-Rise Construction Sustainability Game

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A Breakthrough Wall Design, Pre-fabrication, and Installation Platform Offers Measurable Gains In Lowering Carbon and Energy Impacts Even As it Lowers Cost and Improves Performance

In a pandemic-era world challenged to regain stable footing and find a new normal, two menacing crises challenge leaders in the construction business community to innovate or suffer consequences it would be hard to express or measure.

They are:

  • Insufficient access to affordable, decent, safe, and healthy housing
  • A dramatic need to decarbonize our built environment in the face of urgent climate stress and shock.

For experienced construction pros, fixes for these two profound challenges mutually conflict with one another. In traditional and current-practice construction finance, a trade-off – either affordability or sustainability, but not both – is the chosen path.

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