Designing Healthy Homes

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Photography: Adam Kane Macchia

Many of our projects are renovations in historic districts throughout New York City. These houses, beautiful living relics of New York’s early days, often become increasingly troublesome as they age. They have leaky windows, outdated boilers, leaky radiators, and poor indoor air quality. At the beginning of our restoration process, we often must consider preservation alongside upgrading the building systems.

Our systematic approach to retrofits will allow us to breathe life into other buildings. Creating beautiful buildings with the amenities our clients request has become much easier with new products and methods and well-trained teams. Our process relies on employing Passive House techniques into our projects – those who receive Passive House certification and those which do not. The lessons learned from Passive House detailing can improve the design of every project in every firm.

Removing typical radiators, ducts, soffits, and other systems creates fewer constraints when designing a townhouse.

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Photography: Adam Kane Macchia (left), Peter Peirce (right).