Councilmember Costa Constantinides supports Passive House

I am writing to express my support of NYSERDA’s proposed NYStretch Code-Energy 2018. As the lead sponsor of the Council’s bill to create a New York City stretch energy code, now Local Law 32 of 2018, I am delighted to see a similarly forward-thinking proposal that will encompass the entire state.

Here in New York City, building emissions account for over 70% of our greenhouse gas emissions. Across New York State as a whole, buildings are responsible for over 50 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year according to NYSERDA data. While this figure has been declining over the past decade, moreover, it is likely that the volatile weather patterns correlated with climate change will necessitate more fuel consumption as both cold snaps and heat waves become more common. That’s why it is especially important that this proposal contains Passive House standards. New York homes and offices will be much better equipped to handle erratic shifts in the temperature under this standard. Finally, as NYSERDA has pointed out, this proposal puts us on the path to achieve a Net Zero Energy code by 2030, keeping us in line with our commitments under the Paris Agreement.

In a time when the federal government has abrogated its responsibility to lead on climate, cities and states have a responsibility to step in and fill the gap. Whether it’s promoting renewable energy on homes and businesses, promoting the use of EVs, or greening the grid though REV and other programs, NYSERDA has long been a national leader in making a more green and sustainable future. With the proposed NYStretch Code-Energy 2018, New York State will be that much closer to achieving our environmental goals.