Professional Workshops to Decarbonize Our New and Retrofit Buildings

New York Passive House is North America’s fastest-growing community of Passive House enthusiasts and practitioners, and is committed to providing regular programming and educational opportunities for its’ members and the attendees of NYPH17: Towards Market Transformation.

Conference sessions will be worth a total of 16 AIA continuing education credits and 8 PHI Credits. In addition to learning credits, NYPH17 will host a series of pre-conference workshops, with the goal of addressing important topics in Passive House building standards.

Leading up to the conference, 4 workshops offered by NYPH17 will include:

The Developer Workshop will outline the fundamentals of Passive House Design, discuss from a developer’s perspective preferred building siting and optimization, and discuss a 65,000 SF passive house rental building which has recently broken ground on 29th Street.

The Multifamily Building Ventilation Workshop will explore challenges unique to this building type. Topics include requirements, system options, performance assessment, controls, commissioning, mixed-use protocols, and building certification options. Case studies will illustrate will demonstrate how multi-family Passive House projects are being realized on the continent.

The Designing For Cooling In The PHPP Workshop will cover this particularly understudied section of the Passive House Planning Package. While the heating calculations in the PHPP are well documented and understood, the cooling calculations (including some of the new items in PHPP 9.6) are still relatively unexplored or understood by most Passive House practitioners.

The Passive House Building Certification Workshop will go through the process with, and learn directly from, PHI’s certification director, Dragos Ionut Arnautu. What are the certification options? What are common mistakes or complications? How can projects and project teams have the smoothest process? What are protocols for special considerations? How are specific performance criteria, including window installations, presented and considered? What are recommended tips and practices? Get your questions answered.