Carbon-Neutral Community of Passive Homes Coming to New York

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The Catskill Project aims to deliver 90 acres of single family homes in “one of the most energy efficient residential developments in the Greater New York Area,” according to project leaders.
First carbon-neutral model Passive Home in Livingston Manor, N.Y

The Passive House design team behind The Catskill Project officially completed the first carbon-neutral model home in Livingston Manor, N.Y. Photo courtesy Marcus Brooks

The future of residential development is upon us.

Recent changes in federal and state policy surrounding building codes have led developers to create more economic and efficient homes. Though many systems are beneficial for cutting back on energy use and carbon emissions in buildings today, none are as rigorously ambitious as that of the Passive House.

This is exactly what The Catskill Project aims to deliver.

The team of architects, certified Passive House designers, and environmentalists have taken sustainability to a new level with their Passive House project. But what exactly is a Passive House, and what differentiates it from other net-zero homes?

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