Calling All Property Developers: The Developer’s Guide to Passive House Certification is here.

NY Passive HouseDev Guide Full Cover and Intro is proud to present A Developer’s Guide to Certified Multifamily Passive House Buildings – an introductory handbook on Passive House and the resources that will help developers make a successful project.

Passive House provides many direct benefits: a healthy home, a quiet home, a comfortable home, a well functioning home, an affordable home, a safe home. From low-income affordable housing, to luxury market rate housing, Passive House is the best strategy to optimize your project.

With Passive House as an identified incentive by New York State Homes and Community Renewal for affordable housing financing, and funding organizations like the Community Preservation Corporation also recognizing Passive House, it is important to demystify the process and provide support to those developers interested in pursuing Passive House construction.

The Guide provides 8 clear steps most useful in making a successful project, 7 important reasons to get your development project certified to the international Passive House Standard, and a succinct outline of the certification protocol to get you across the finish line.

Passive House is a predictable way to deliver affordable high-performance buildings.  How to do it shouldn’t be a mystery.  New York Passive House will help your development efforts.  Email us with questions at

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