Call for Architects and Engineers/Network Covid-19

We are developing a grassroots network of architects, non-profit organizations, service providers, housing and real estate professionals, and engineers to make ourselves available for emergency response to the ongoing covid-19 crisis. Our goal is to support the significant efforts already being made by government and private sector professionals and we are looking for volunteers who can provide any level of support.  With a tremendous task upon New York City in the immediate weeks ahead, we believe a skillful design coalition with a willingness to collaborate will provide critical and impactful aid.

NYC is short tens of thousands of hospital beds in the face of the expected impending coronavirus infection spike.  Government officials are actively seeking potential sites/buildings for temporary medical facilities. As projected, NYC will have difficulty meeting demand for the first wave without an enormous, collective effort.

We hope we can assist in the effort to identify and prepare sites/buildings for temporary hospital spaces, coordinate housing provisions for at-risk populations, and coordinate housing for emergency medical personnel without access to reliable transportation.


Please consider signing on to volunteer in whatever capacity you can offer below.    

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Note – we welcome firms and individuals to join the effort. If you are in a position to put the weight of your firm behind this effort (i.e. you are a partner), please indicate that.

Please also feel free to limit/qualify the amount of support you are able to give: we understand that we all have many other obligations/priorities at this time.