Biden launches green buildings partnership with states, cities

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The Biden administration is launching a new partnership with two states and several cities aimed at reducing planet-warming emissions from buildings.

President Biden is expected to announce the new “Buildings Performance Standards Coalition” during remarks at the U.S. Conference of Mayors on Friday.

According to a White House fact sheet first shared with The Hill, the partnership will include 33 state and local governments that encompass 20 percent of the country’s building footprint and 22 percent of its population.

The fact sheet said that the initiative will “unlock energy efficiency and electrification across the buildings sector as an engine for job creation all while lowering energy bills for consumers.”

The goal of the coalition is to advance legislation or regulation in each local or state jurisdiction by Earth Day 2024.

It will do so by developing policy roadmaps, convening place-based teams to help develop policy, and sharing results with one another.