Transforming The Heritage with Sustainability at the Forefront

We’re excited to give you an inside look at the NYSERDA Empire Building Challenge project, The Heritage, a notable three-building, 680,000-square-foot development located on Madison Avenue. Originally constructed in 1974, The Heritage is undergoing a significant retrofit to usher in a sustainable future. 🏢🍃

Thanks to the collaboration with L+M Development Partners LLC and Invesco Ltd., the project is set to achieve an ambitious goal: a 54% reduction in site energy use intensity (EUI), marking a major step forward in energy efficiency and sustainability for the historic site.

At Dextall, we are thrilled to be part of this transformative project alongside esteemed stakeholders. SWA is instrumental in devising the decarbonization plan, ensuring smooth implementation, commissioning, and providing crucial measurement and verification services.

Recently, New York Passive House, with the help of SWA’s Vicki Yee, CPHD, WELL AP, LEED GA—a board member and the tour organizer—led an insightful tour of The Heritage. The event showcased the significant strides being made towards a greener building practice.

We are proud to contribute to making The Heritage a benchmark for future sustainable developments and are excited to see the continued impact of our collective efforts. 🌍✨