NYPH, PHN, PHIUS support for City of Yes

New York Passive House worked with Passive House Network and PHIUS to submit a joint letter of support to New York City’s Carbon Neutrality initiative that is accomplished through the passage of revised zoning regulations.
  1. We believe revising Zone Green to a 5% FAR bonus for an “ultra-low-energy building”  will be an effective, performance-centered way to promote the adoption of high-performance buildings and expedite New York City’s ability to meet its decarbonization goals.
  2. Furthermore, we strongly advocate for the addition of a certified Passive House pathway for compliance with the “ultra-low-energy building” definition and qualification for the Zone Green FAR bonus (both PHI or PHIUS should be identified as acceptable certifications).
The final text that will be introduced for voting is yet to be published by City Planning, while we are anticipating a City Council vote this Fall. New York Passive House is closely monitoring the process to advocate for the inclusion of the Passive House pathway.