City of Yes to Carbon Neutrality Zoning Text Amendment Comments

Dear NYPH membership,

The NYPH Local & State Policy Working Group excited to share an opportunity for us to all be involved in shaping the future of zoning regulations in NYC.  The Department of City Planning has recently embarked upon a 3-phase update to zoning text referred to as the City of Yes, with the first phase being particularly interesting to our work.  This phase is titled the City of Yes to Carbon Neutrality and includes several changes that will support decarbonization in buildings, energy systems, transportation, and waste.  This includes an update to the very successful Zone Green FAR bonus.  The update as written includes language that closely aligns to Passive House performance standards.

The draft text is currently in the process of being reviewed by every community board.  A current schedule can be found here.  We are encouraging our members to show up to your local community board meetings and support the proposal.  For reference we are providing:

  1. The proposed text amendment with explanatory annotations
  2. The plain language summary of changes (attached)
  3. NYPH Policy Committee comments that will be submitted to DCP (attached)

The attached NYPH comments provide some key points of support and further development that can be shared with your community boards and other organizations you may be involved with.

Thank you,

NYPH Local & State Policy Working Group

NYPH Comments

Summary of Changes