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Transform Your Architectural Visions with Dextall Studio!

May 22 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

DATE:  May 22nd

TIME:  12-1PM

VENUE:  Live-online course

Are you ready to revolutionize the way you design and construct sustainable buildings? Join us on May 22nd for an exclusive webinar showcasing Dextall Studio – our game-changing software that’s setting new benchmarks in the construction industry!

Why You Can’t Afford to Miss This:

Unlock Efficiency: Discover how to seamlessly integrate your Revit models with Dextall Studio for a streamlined design-to-construction process.
Innovate with Confidence: Learn how to leverage detailed analytics for cost and material usage, empowering you to make informed decisions from day one.
Visualize and Achieve: See firsthand the transformation from plain DS models to panelized marvels, ready for construction documentation and shop drawing stages.
Key Takeaways:
Insightful Discussions: Expert talks on bridging the gap between design intricacy and construction pragmatism.
Live Demonstration: A walkthrough of Dextall Studio’s seamless operation and integration capabilities.
Collaborative Solutions: Explore how Dextall Studio fosters a collaborative ecosystem for all project stakeholders.
Interactive Q&A: Engage with our experts, ask questions, and gain tailored insights.

Whether you’re an architect eager to push the boundaries of design or a construction professional looking to enhance project efficiency, this webinar is your gateway to the future of sustainable building.

And be part of the movement redefining the construction landscape. Let’s build smarter, faster, and greener – together!

Don’t let this opportunity slip by – the future of construction awaits!