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Regenerative Metropolis ’24

September 27

DATE:  Friday, September 27, 2024

VENUE:  Parsons School of Design, New York


New York Passive House is pleased to announce our second annual Regenerative Metropolis Symposium, taking place at Parsons School of Design on Friday, September 27, 2024.

About the Event:

Architecture, at its best, embodies our wisest systems knowledge.  It provides for human thriving while integrating within all regenerative systems that support the thriving of all life.  Positive feedback loops within this type of infrastructure can ensure that abundance is ever increasing, rather than degrading. How can our cities deploy our best understanding of regenerative stewardship? Can urban architecture support best practices within sibling systems such as agriculture, land use, energy, and ecosystem stewardship?

We have many tools ready to create the regenerative metropolis: all-electric passive house high performance buildings, carbon sequestering materials such as those created from regenerating soils, holistic local ecological stewardship, and low toxicity products that support health along the entire value chain.  How do we scale these solutions so they become the norm? Can we design our cities to enable human activity to support these wise circular systems?  Can we align climate policy with social justice goals? Please join us as we seek to unpack these topics and discuss technologies, design, material science, un-siloed science, policy, frameworks, and project examples!

Contact us today:

Please hold the date for what we aim to be an inspiring, paradigm probing event! Members are strongly encouraged to reach out to us at info@nypassivehouse.org if you are interested in helping plan the program and event.