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Training is an essential component in making successful Passive House buildings.With the generous support of organizational partnerships and affiliations, New York Passive House is able to facilitate training by accredited providers in the New York and surrounding regions. Current training providers include:

  • Passive House Academy Peel
  • Passive House Consulting
  • 475 High Performance Building Supply
Courses range from general introductions to highly technical courses for experienced practitioners — find the right training for you to grow your Passive House knowledge and capabilities. Current courses being provided include:
  • Passive House Primer
    • A one day comprehensive introduction to Passive House.
    • Provided by BE-Ex
  • Certified Passive House Tradesperson
    • A five day course geared to contractors, building owners and other professionals.
    • Provided by AEA
  • Certified Passive House Consultant/Designer
    • A seven or eight day course for architects, engineers and other professionals.
    • Provided by NAPHN
  • Passive House Planning Package (PHPP)
    • Three day immersion in the Passive House energy model.
    • Provided by PPHC & PHA
  • DesignPH
    • One day course in sketch-up/PHPP interface.
    • Provided by PPHC & PHA
  • Thermal Bridge Modeling Course
    • Two day immersion into critical aspect of calculating thermal bridges correctly.
    • Provided by PHA
  • WUFI Pro
    • A one day course on moisture and vapor analysis by using WUFI Pro.
    • Provided by 475.
  • Make It Tight: Building Enclosure Airtightness Training
    • A one day course on the importance of building enclosure airtightness and how to achieve it.
    • Provided by 475
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