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      An introductory handbook on Passive House, and the resources that will help developers make a successful project.

Passive New York City: A Snapshot of Low Energy Building Opportunities, Barriers, & Resources   

Tools & References

Insulation GWP Tool v1.2, by David White
This tool allows the user to calculate total climatic impact of various insulation options, specific to climate, heating fuel, etc.

PHPP Multi-Zone Manager, by David White and Cramer Silkworth
The tool, an Excel spreadsheet and macro, helps coordinate multiple PHPP models for a multiple-zone building or multiple variations on a building for parametric modeling.

Converter Tool: Building Physics | SI-Imperial by Harrmann Consulting
This tool allows the user to master all the imperial and metric units one will come across when working on Passive House projects in North America.

Passipedia – The Passive House Resource
Passipedia constitutes a vast array of cutting edge, scientifically sound, Passive House relevant articles. On Passipedia, basic Passive House information and insights are available for all to see, whereas members of the International Passive House Association (iPHA) receive special access to the more in depth sections.

iPHA Forum

Passive House Plus
Passive House Plus is the world’s first English language magazine focused on building and upgrading to the world’s leading low energy standard – passive house.

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