Certified Project

Passive Apartment

Location: 10009 - New York City
Building Type: Residential - Mid-rise Multifamily
Construction Type: Mass Construction - Retrofit
Project Phase: Complete
Certified Project: Not PHI Certified - Other
Year of Construction: 2015
Gross Square Footage: 700

Project Contacts

Architect: das studio NYPH Member
Project Submitted by: Stefanie Werner


Project Description

The project is a unique gut renovation of a 1-bedroom 5th-floor walk-up apartment in a pre-war building. Gutting the apartment allowed us to do an extensive energy retrofit using the Passive House techniques. We then created a new interior, including new a new kitchen and bathroom. The exterior walls were stripped to the masonry, dense-pack cellulose insulation and an air barrier was added. The same was done for the roof. We replaced the existing double-hung windows with triple-pane, thermally broken tilt and turn windows. The apartment was heated with individual gas heaters, which needed to be replacement. Thanks to the energy retrofit, we were able to replace them with two small mini-split units for cooling as well as heating. To learn more, please visit our blog.

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