Certified Project


Location: Brooklyn - New York City
Building Type: Residential - Mid-rise Multifamily
Construction Type: Mass Construction - New Construction
Project Phase: In Design
Certified Project: Not PHI Certified - Passive House
Year of Construction: est. 2023
Gross Square Footage: 549,000

Project Contacts

Architect: Curtis + Ginsberg Architects LLP

Project Description

This affordable / supportive / shelter project for a not-for-profit involves the development of four new buildings encompassing nearly a full city block in Brooklyn. By applying for a rezoning through a Uniform Land Use Review Procedure, we are able to increase the density and provide more housing on what is currently the site of an underbuilt social service facility. The project is phased in
2 parts and sited in a way to allow for continued operation of a majority of the existing facility serving the homeless, as the new buildings are complete, residents and operations can be moved into the new building.

The development, designed to meet Passive House standards, consists of a new model and humane homeless shelter of 197 units, with a day-care, support / counseling spaces for the residents, and a new supportive housing building of approximately 80 units, a portion of which
will be set aside for formerly homeless individuals. There will also be two new low-income housing buildings, the first includes 187 units with approximately 20 ground floor maisonettes, and the second building includes 112 units.

The entire new development of approximately 549,000 square feet will be approximately 9 stories, based on the proposed rezoning and considering Mandatory Inclusionary Housing (MIH). This project is phased and sited in a way to allow for continued operation of a majority of the existing shelter, until the new shelter is complete.

Ground floor commercial spaces provide approximately 4,000 sf for neighborhood retail and event space.

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