Certified Project

Bedford House

Location: Bedford - Hudson Valley
Building Type: Residential - Single-family
Construction Type: Mass Construction - Retrofit + Addition
Project Phase: Complete
Certified Project: Not PHI Certified - Passive House
Year of Construction: 2018
Gross Square Footage: 3200
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Project Contacts

Project Submitted by: River Architects

Project Description

The Bedford Passive House project is the first of its kind in this forward-thinking community. Bedford hopes to become a carbon-neutral community and has adopted energy codes that exceed those of New York State, including goals of town-wide photo-voltaic solar installations.

Our project embraces these goals and sets standards for others to follow. It takes an existing 1970’s spec-built wood-frame house and retrofits it to meet the Passive House Standard, the most advanced energy-efficient design regimen in the world today. By working with the existing structure we are minimizing waste heading to the landfill, and retain fully serviceable wood framing and foundations.

Our design incorporates optimized solar orientation, robust and low-toxicity insulation, high-performance triple-pane windows, and highly-tuned energy modeling: all solid state features that are fail-safe and ageless. Crisp, modern detailing invokes an updated European vibe that reflects the Passive House Standard’s roots in Germany.

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