Certified Project


Location: Brooklyn - New York City
Building Type: Residential - Mid-rise Multifamily
Construction Type: Mass Construction - New Construction
Project Phase: In Design
Certified Project: Not PHI Certified - Passive House
Year of Construction: 2019
Gross Square Footage: 19,610

Project Contacts

Architect: Tahir Demircioglu
Other Contact: Cameron Shore NYPH Member
Project Submitted by: Cameron Shore


Project Description

The project is a combination of two typical New York housing types- the single family townhouse and multi-family apartment building. Combining the two in this development allows for a great surface area-volume ratio, and provides a variety of dwelling types for people to choose from. Being built in Red Hook, Brooklyn, the design takes into consideration the existing context, and elevates the current streetscape with a refined pallet of Roman bricks and zinc panels, along with graciously proportioned stoops and planters. North and south glazing take full advantage of the site’s relative orientation, and define the facades with corner-turning windows that break the normally flat street facade. We hope that this design will help to further passive house design in the city, as we all work together to reach the newly passed carbon neutral goals as set forth by the New York State legislature.

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