Certified Project

364 Clinton Street

Location: Brooklyn - New York City
Building Type: Residential - Single-family
Construction Type: Mass Construction - Retrofit
Project Phase: Under Construction
Certified Project: Not PHI Certified -

Project Contacts

Architect: Baxt Ingui Architects PC NYPH Member

Project Description

364 Clinton street is a four story plus cellar townhouse built in 1931. Prior to the current owner purchasing the house, it had extensive water damage on all floors. We worked with Landmarks to get approval for an infill addition to match our neighbors depth. That addition provided the space for a kitchen on the parlor level with a staircase that allows that allows the kitchen to openly communicate with the family room on the garden level below. The cellar is also transformed from a damp storage and mechanical space with 5’—6” high ceilings to an 8’+ deep lounge area for entertaining. A large skylight in the roof above enlarged stair openings allows for light to cascade down through the center of the townhouse. This house is currently under construction and is at a phase that really showcases what goes into air sealing and insulating a Passive House.

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