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October 18, 2018
8:30 am to 12:30 pm
Kimmel Center for University Life

The architecture, engineering and construction industries have generated a variety of solutions to protect our physical infrastructure from the worst effects of climate change.

But how does that translate to financial resilience? What protects the financial infrastructure that supports design and construction in the first place?

At this year’s Urban Green Council conference, experts will prompt attendees to think differently, and with a sharper pencil, about the costs and benefits of resiliency on a large scale. We’ll explore this concept over two thought-provoking sessions:

Quantifying a resiliency project means calculating a financial incentive equal to avoiding or minimizing the consequences of a natural disaster. And when you add in the moral imperative of preventing needless harm, what does that do to the numbers?

Developing a resilient building while working within the system of existing financial incentives is challenging. This session will focus on how different markets respond to resiliency and feature examples from developers who have met this challenge.

Register on the Urban Green Council event webpage. 

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