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November 9 to November 11, 2018

Do you love living in your Passive House? Are you involved on a Passive House project? Are you convinced of the Passive House concept? Then join in and recommend it to others! Register your home or office building and share your experiences. Registration is open to both construction sites and completed buildings. Simply sign up and get ready to share interesting facts about energy efficient Passive House construction!

Open house tours are great places for builders, engineers, architects and green building enthusiasts to learn about projects, and network with many experts in the field.

If you would like to host an open house for your Passive House home, office, or even construction site, register the project with the International Passive House Database (

Alternatively, you can email with the following information:

• Date and time of open house session (November 9-11, any time preferred)

• Short description of project (just a teaser works!)

• Render/image of project

• Contact person

As Houses register for tours, you will find the various locations and their specific times listed on our Events Calendar, and will be able to register for our events on the NYPH Meetup Page!

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