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New York Passive House would like to thank all sponsors for their generosity, and commitment in driving the Passive House Standard.

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475 High Performance Building Supply

475 High Performance Building Supply (475) is the exclusive U.S./Canada partner of PRO CLIMA, the world’s leading manufacturer of complete airtightness systems. 475 provides essential building knowledge and components. 475’s focus starts with airtightness — the single most important factor in building thermal performance. Following airtightness, 475 focuses on related components such as high-efficiency ventilation by Lunos, ecological insulation by GUTEX and FOAMGLAS, triple-pane roof openings by LAMILUX and FAKRO, and Passive House energy balance software by the Passive House Institute — all complementary and essential elements in making high-performance buildings.

475 was founded by architects, for architects, builders, engineers and other professionals. The name “475” is a reference to the heat demand requirement of the international Passive House Standard, 4.75 kiloBTUs per square foot per year. In addition to presenting at conferences, 475 publishes videos, details, writings, and other aids that help industry practitioners better understand the philosophy and practice of building airtightness and high performance.

SRS Enterprises Inc

SRS Enterprises Inc. is a recognized leader as a manufacturer’s representative of HVAC Products in the greater New York/New Jersey marketplace. Since 1994 SRS Enterprises Inc. has represented high quality manufacturers of industrial and commercial products for system solutions to both small and large facilities, in the existing and new building construction markets.


FXCollaborative has defined a practice that encompasses architecture, interiors, planning and urban development. The basis of the firm’s work is a collective, rigorous exploration of fit and form, driven by ideas about function, place, the form-making process and the role of design in human settlement. Inspired by urbanism, sustainability and technology, the firm’s portfolio ranges from the scale of an individual building–office towers, multi-family residences, cultural facilities, K-12 and higher education institutions–to the city as a whole, addressing infrastructure and transportation. FXCollaborative is committed to breaking new ground with demonstration projects, and advancing the principles of sustainable architecture. The firm sets and meets high standards of sustainable and energy efficient performance, and strives to go beyond LEED to achieve goals such as net-zero energy, Passivhaus, and tenets of the Living Building Challenge.


Monadnock Construction, Inc
ZH Architects


a.m. Benzing Architects
Handel Architects
JBS | Real Estate Developers, Builders & Project Managers
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